Welcome to WHVP –Your independent Asset Manager

Since 1991 we are an independent Asset Manager, specialized in managing the funds of private clients. We are registered with the SEC in the U.S. and are located in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland.

We are associated with several first-class private banks in Switzerland and Austria, which act as custodian banks for our client’s accounts. Our asset management principles are guided by conservative, long-term oriented capital preservation strategies. Our focus is personalized service. We structure a portfolio which will be insulated against US Dollar depreciation, yet capitalize on overseas investment opportunities.

Each client maintains an individual and segregated account with the bank in his/her own name or in the name of a legal entity. We manage every account separately under an individual, tailor-made mandate. There is never any co-mingling of assets between clients.

We work closely with each client, taking into account personal circumstances, age, time horizon, available capital, investment needs, risk appetite as well as preferences. The importance of our familiarity with international clients is that we are already sensitive to your needs and concerns.

Since we are a small, family-owned company, you can rely on dealing with the same person for years. We know you and your objectives and we know how to deal with banks on your behalf, get results and solve any problems you may have. Since we are independent, we work for you and always make investment decisions suitable to your needs. A detailed investment strategy will be established once it is decided to start a relationship with us and having the account opened.

We apply strict and conservative asset management principles. One of our main targets is capital preservation as well as very personalized service to suit the particular needs of our clientele. With the knowledge and expertise our team can offer, we know that with us you are in good hands.

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We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America.

We are a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) / Verband Schweizerischer Vermögensverwalter (VSV)