Our Asset Management Services

Our primary focus is asset management. We facilitate opening the best bank account relation on your behalf for your personal situation; we negotiate with banks on your behalf; we ensure that your instructions are carried out timely and correctly. And we communicate with you on a regular basis.

Each client maintains an individual and segregated account with the bank in his / her own name or in the name of a legal entity. We manage every account separately under an individual, tailor-made mandate. There is never any co-mingling of assets between clients. As independent asset managers, we work closely with each client, taking into consideration personal circumstances, age, time frame, available capital, investment needs, risk appetite and preferences. We deal personally with each client. You can, therefore, rely on dealing with the same person for years. We know you and your objectives, and we also know how to deal with Swiss and Austrian banks on your behalf.

Subject to your wishes, we can structure your tailor-made portfolio in real assets, like i.e. physical metals and cash or build traditional portfolios with worldwide diversification.

Here’s what you get with WHVP:

  • We focus on providing expertise in Swiss, European, Canadian and Far East markets.
  • Our connections with Zurich’s banking world gives us access to the best research and trading opportunities in our home markets.
  • You can buy and hold in physical form gold bullion or trade mining equities.
  • Keep your assets confidential and safe in a Swiss or Austrian bank in in your name.
  • We elect not to trade in U.S. domestic assets.
  • In Switzerland and Austria, no unauthorized third party can access or freeze your assets, nor gain information. And our conservative investment style goes a long way to providing the highest degree of safety for your capital.


Our Conditions:

  • Account Minimum: US$ 500,000 or equivalent in foreign currency
  • Management Fee: 0.375% each quarter up to $5 million
  • Special Services: Charged on an hourly basis as incurred

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Security, privacy and efficiency are top priorities for international investors. Selecting the right bank, therefore, plays a decisive role. WHVP only works with first-class private banks, like the three mentioned in detail below:

Bank Vontobel Ltd. (https://www.vontobel.com/CH/EN/Home), founded in 1924, is the core company of Vontobel Holding AG, listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. The Vontobel families, together with the Vontobel Foundation, own a majority of the Vontobel Holding AG’s equity and voting rights. Vontobel is an internationally-oriented Swiss private bank, specializing in asset management for sophisticated private and institutional clients. Their integrated business model allows to combine know-how and resources in the best interests of its clients and cooperation partners. Total clients assets entrusted to the care of Vontobel Group are in excess of 195.4 billion Swiss Francs (Dec. 2016) and the BIZ tier 1 ratio accounted 19.0% (Dec. 2016).

Bank Winter & Co. Ltd. (www.bankwinter.com/en) was established in 1891 and has always been strictly privately owned and fully independent. Bank Winter has a long and diversified experience in trade finance. The bank was a pioneer in innovative financing since the early 1960ies. Presently the bank offers custom-tailored solutions in all service areas including investment banking to industrial and commercial entities and private individuals. Their prime objective is to focus on individual needs. The bank has a balance sheet total amounting to around EUR 740 Mio. The Tier I capital ratio was 168.3% as of June 30th, 2016.

Wiener Privatbank SE (www.wienerprivatbank.com/en) is a Vienna-based private bank offering private and institutional clients a wide range of services in private banking, asset management, capital markets, brokerage, research, as well as real estate services and projects. As Austria’s only exchange listed private bank, Wiener Privatbank (ticker: WPB) has an extremely solid balance sheet and financial structure. Core shareholders are long-term entrepreneurs in the real estate and financial sector. Founded in 2005, the bank now has a balance sheet total amounting to around EUR 380 Mio. and assets under management of over EUR 2 billion. As of 30 June 2016, the Tier I capital ratio was 15.51%.

Swiss and Austrian Custodian Bank Safety
The custodian banks carry all accounts in the name of their clients. Securities are traded and held in the bank’s name but for client accounts, segregated from the bank’s own assets. Through the Deposit Protection Scheme, in the event that a bank or securities dealer is declared bankrupt, deposits of up to CHF 100’000 / EUR 100’000 per client enjoy the privileged treatment.

Unlike cash deposits, assets lodged for safekeeping (such as shares, units in collective investment schemes and other securities) are client property, and in the event of the bankruptcy of a bank or securities dealer are immediately ring-fenced and released to clients separately from the bankruptcy proceedings. They, therefore, do not form part of the bankruptcy estate at any time. This applies to all assets which are client property and have been lodged for safe keeping, including precious metals physically held at the bank.

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We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America.

We are a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) / Verband Schweizerischer Vermögensverwalter (VSV)