Our Mission Statement

We love what we do and are passionate about the financial world. It is important to us to make sure that you have enough time to take care of your own passions. Therefore we offer you peace of mind and the knowledge that your money is in good and experienced hands.

We believe that focusing on capital preservation and maximum safety should be the investment priorities.

We stand for decades of experience, tradition and Swiss Banking expertise. We are specialized in U.S. private clients and have a vast experience in working with Americans and the U.S. regulators. We know the American culture, the local actualities, like the pensions system, and the local laws and most of the SEC and IRS regulations.

We combine our knowledge with the advantages of our offshore location. Switzerland is an island of independence in Europe. We are politically and financial independent. The following points make Switzerland the ideal location for your investments:

  • Safety and security of the Swiss Banking system with its unmatched financial strength, prudence and conservative policies for which Switzerland is world-renowned.
  • The Swiss Franc is a safe haven currency in times of political and economic troubles.
  • Swiss Banking confidentiality laws are unabated and protect law-abiding citizens.
  • Swiss and European investments are most easily acquired through a Swiss bank account.
  • Switzerland still offers the best combination of safety, privacy and financial freedoms.
  • The Swiss Banking system is inherently strong and your most efficient and competent partner.
  • Through just one account, you can hold precious metals bullion, foreign currencies, Swiss, European and other stocks, bonds, etc.

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We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America.

We are a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) / Verband Schweizerischer Vermögensverwalter (VSV)