Our Permanent Portfolio Services

During the past few years, we have often been asked why our minimum investment was at the level of US$ 500`000.-.

The main reason for this was the high minimum fees that were being charged by the various custodian banks. We have been searching and interviewing several banks with the goal of being able to come up with lower administration fees and are glad to report that as of today we are able to accept clients with a minimum of US$ 250`000.–.

The new service we are launching is our so-called Permanent Portfolio. Once the personal account is opened at the custodian bank, with WHVP holding a Limited Power of Attorney, the account will be invested 25% in each category:Foreign Currencies, Precious Metals, Bonds and Equities.

The Permanent Portfolio will be reallocated once per year during the month of January, whereas all investments will be set back to the initial 25%.

In practice this will look as follows: should the investments of your stock holdings have fallen back to 22% and the Gold and Silver investments traded up to 28%, 3% of your precious metal holdings will be sold and your investments in your stock holdings will be increased to the allocation of 25%.

We hope that with this new service we are giving you an opportunity to divest part of your wealth into foreign investments. This is a unique chance to profit from access to international investment opportunities, a protection against a sinking domestic currency, great diversification and low fees.

Our Conditions:

  • Account Minimum: US$ 250,000 or equivalent in foreign currency
  • Management Fee: 0.25% each quarter up to $5 million
  • Special Services: Charged on an hourly basis as incurred

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Security, privacy and efficiency are top priorities for international investors. Selecting the right bank, therefore, plays a decisive role. WHVP only works with first-class private banks. For the Permanent Portfolio we have built a prospering relationship with Bank Winter:

Bank Winter & Co. Ltd. (www.bankwinter.com/en) was established in 1891 and has always been strictly privately owned and fully independent. Bank Winter has a long and diversified experience in trade finance. The bank was a pioneer in innovative financing since the early 1960ies. Presently the bank offers custom-tailored solutions in all service areas including investment banking to industrial and commercial entities and private individuals. Their prime objective is to focus on individual needs. The bank has a balance sheet total amounting to around EUR 740 Mio. The Tier I capital ratio was 168.3% as of June 30th, 2106.

Austrian Custodian Bank Safety
The custodian banks carry all accounts in the name of their clients. Securities are traded and held in the bank’s name but for client accounts, segregated from the bank’s own assets. Through the Deposit Protection Scheme, in the event that a bank or securities dealer is declared bankrupt, deposits of up to EUR 100’000 per client enjoy the privileged treatment.

Unlike cash deposits, assets lodged for safe keeping (such as shares, units in collective investment schemes and other securities) are client property, and in the event of the bankruptcy of a bank or securities dealer are immediately ring-fenced and released to clients separately from the bankruptcy proceedings. They, therefore, do not form part of the bankruptcy estate at any time. This applies to all assets which are client property and have been lodged for safe keeping, including precious metals physically held at the bank.

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We are a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) / Verband Schweizerischer Vermögensverwalter (VSV)